Brent Oil Price

Brent Oil Price - super ultramodern and precision Brent Futures Price chart which is updated in real-time, and displays real brent future price online, at which you can trade Brent Futures Price on the Stock Exchange. You can also see historical crude oil price chart!

Brent Crude Futures

Brent Crude Futures - one of the most popular futures contracts in the world. Brent Crude produced since 1970 in the fields of the North Sea that are in the possession of the corporation Royal Dutch Shell. Brent Crude forms the standard for the other brands of European and Asian oil. In June 1988, Brent Crude futures started trading on the London Stock Exchange International Petroleum Exchange. Due to the start of trading in futures contracts for Brent crude oil on the Exchange IPE achieved global popularity. Trading volumes of futures for Brent several times higher than the contracts of other instruments.

The size of the futures contract for Brent crude oil is 1,000 barrels, or about 132 tons. Quotes are specified in US dollars and cents per barrel. 1 tick is 0.01, and costs $ 10.

Brent Futures Price - changes trend on movements in the global political and economic situation. But the greatest impact on the price of oil have news from OPEC countries, the US, China and Russia as the main owners of oil fields and oil consumers.


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