DAX 30 Index

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The index DAX (DAX 30, Deutscher Aktienindex) - an important stock index of the German economy. Born index 30 December 1987, it is the "successor" of the index Borsenzeitung-Index, compiled in 1959. The DAX index is owned by Deutsche Börse AG. Shares of companies listed, listed in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and has on it a major turn. The index includes such giants of the German market, as the Volkswagen Group, Siemens, Bayer, Deutsche Lufthansa, so it is often called the index of "blue" chips in Germany. DAX index is calculated as a weighted average of prices of shares of the largest public companies by market capitalization in Germany, are in free float. We can say that the index reflects the total return on capital.

In the calculation of the DAX share price used on the electronic exchange XETRA, the calculation is made on weekdays exchanges between 9.00 to 17.30 CET. After the bidding Deutsche Börse AG also calculates the index of Late-DAX (L-DAX), which acts as an indicator of the development of the index and is based on the price of shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. DAX index significantly affect the dynamics of the development of the European currency. The maximum index DAX was 12.167,72 points (03/16/2015)

The indices DAX are tailored to the needs of investors. Four German indices of global importance are calculated, in addition to a large number of market and sector benchmarks. These index products allow investors to chart the German market and investment strategies in a transparent, rule-based and cost-effective manner. DAX Futures and tailors them to the requirements of providers of structured finance products, asset managers, pension funds, insurers and investment funds.

How Trading and Investing DAX Index

Trade DAX Index you can with the help of financial instruments traded: Exchange Traded Fund ETF, Contract For Difference CFD, Index Option and Futures on Index DAX. Futures - the most convenient tool of the trade DAX Index. Futures contracts on DAX - one of the most useful tools of trading and investing in indexes. Using them, the trader buys or sells all the assets used to calculate the selected indicator, per transaction.

CFD (Contracts for Difference) on the index DAX allow you to trade stock indices at current prices in real time. Maximum profitability with minimum deposits. CFD on index DAX repeated movement of the underlying asset. Trading with CFD DAX allow you to extract maximum benefit from market movements without buying individual stocks.