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The Dow Jones Industrial Indices

The Dow Jones Industrial Indices created by the founder of Dow Jones & Company and the editor of the Wall Street Journal by Charles Dow. The first list Dow Jones was published May 26, 1896. The first value of the index - 40.94 points.The maximum quotation of Dow Jones - 11 722.98 14 January 2000, then followed by a sharp drop. In March 2013 registered a new record Dow Jones Indices: the value of quotations was 14198.10 points.

The Dow Jones Industrial Indices - the oldest in the US stock market. First, the index is the average share price of 12 US industrial companies at the time of closing on Stock Exchange. From 1 October 1928 the index includes 30 companies, but the structure of the list varies periodically in accordance with the economic situation in the country. Revision of the Dow Jones index has been Wall Street Journal.

The index includes the 30 largest US companies - "blue chips". Now it also includes companies not industrial. The list shows McDonald's, Cisco Systems, Intel, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble. Shares of the companies included in the index are traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ. Calculation of the Dow is calculated as the sum of the share quotations of the companies included in the list, divided by the Dow divisor. The index Dow Jones is considered a barometer of the US economy, since he has stood the test of time.

Trading the Dow Jones Industrial Indices is becoming increasingly popular among traders and investors around the world, trade online. Advantages of trading Dow Jones Indices:
  • Quick access to economies country.
  • High stability and profitability.
  • High leverage, allowing to work with a small deposit.
  • Ability to open long and short positions.
  • No additional fees and commissions.