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Trading plan Forex EURUSD for 17.07.2018


Donald Trump is visiting Europe, issues related to international security are at the center of attention. This helps to ease investors' fear of trade wars, which creates a positive environment for risky currencies and assets. Optimism, however, is cooled by another huge crude oil discount and a huge disappointment, which proved to be the results of Netflix, one of the companies from the FAANG group, which guaranteed the strength of Wall Street.

Forecast and technical analysis EURUSD on July 12, 2018.


EURUSD: the price has gained a foothold under the trend line

On Wednesday the 11th of July, trading on the euro closed down. The euro swung all over in the European session, and the daily candlestick closed below 1.17. The dollar, pound, and the euro were heavily influenced by the uncertainty in Britain over Brexit and sell-offs of risky assets amid the escalating trade conflict between the US and China.


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