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Trading plan Forex for 29.08.2018


Optimism associated with the more conciliatory attitude of the United States in negotiations with trade partners temporarily diminishes as a driving force of market change. At night, trade was very dreamy today, but the dollar's minimal appreciation is a noticeable trend. WTI crude oil after inventory data according to API is close to the minima this week, but also less than USD 1 from local maxima around 69.20.

Forecast and technical analysis EURUSD on August 27, 2018.


EURUSD: approaching the resistance at 1.1670

Last week, all the major currencies gained ground against the US dollar except for the yen. The biggest mover was the euro (+1.60%). The Swiss franc rose by 1.22%, the Kiwi dollar by 0.81%, the pound by 0.77%, the loonie by 0.28%, and the Aussie dollar by 0.13%. The yen, on the other hand, shed 0.69% against the dollar.

Forecast and technical analysis EURUSD on August 21, 2018.


EURUSD: the price has reached the upper border of the MA channel

On Monday, the 20th of August, trading on the euro closed up. Following EURUSD's daily decline to 1.1394, growth returned with renewed force. The price was supported by speculation on the upcoming trade talks between the US and China, which will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of August. US 10-year Treasury yields fell, and demand for risky instruments has grown.


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