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Bitcoin Analysis for 02.02.2018


The Government of India, although often not very positive about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, such activities have not helped to curb their popularity. In his annual speech, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley again explained that the government intends to stop the use of digital currencies in India, claiming that the South Asian country does not recognize Bitcoin and other coins as legal tender: "The government does not recognize Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a legal tender and will take all measures to limit their use in financing illegal activities or any part of payment systems."

Bitcoin Analysis for 31.01.2018


The American government institute found in official research on cryptocurrency that Bitcoin Cash is the original Bitcoin, while Bitcoin itself is a fork. In the document entitled "Blockchain Technology Overview" at the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the US Department of Commerce, the authors Dylan Yaga, Peter Mell, Nik Roby, and Karen Scarfone argue that on the technical side, Bitcoin Cash is the original version of Bitcoin: Activation of SegWit resulted in the creation of a hard fork, and users who did not want to change began to call the original Bitcoin - Bitcoin Cash. From a technical point of view, Bitcoin is a fork, and Bitcoin Cash is the original Blockchain. When the hard fork happened, people had access to the same amount of coins in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Analysis for 30.01.2018


Isabelle Mateos Y Lago, the main strategist of many assets in BlackRock, a $ 5.7 billion asset management corporation, said the company was working on a thorough cryptocurrency assessment. In an interview, for Bloomberg TV on Monday, 29 January, the CEO said that although cryptocurrency is not currently an "asset-able" investment, it actively follows progress because it "evolves very quickly."


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