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Bitcoin Analysis for 22.01.2018


Bitcoin is under intense supervision on Bali - an island in the Indonesian archipelago. Central Bank officials are trying to solve the cryptocurrencies of the country. Causa Iman Karana, head of the Indonesian Bank's representation in Bali, said: "We have learned from some social media entries that Bali has become a haven for bitcoin transactions, and the next step will be to ban them in accordance with the law.

Bitcoin Analysis for 19.01.2018


Host of the Bitcoin Knowledge and well-known lawyer Trace Meyer suggested that Bitcoin could reach $115,000 in 2018 after the correction is completed. Meyer informed another analyst Tony Vays about suggestion, what to expect in the next eleven and a half months: "$115,000, despite the theoretical capability based on previous behavioral cycles, would be very overvalued" added Mayer.

Bitcoin Analysis for 17.01.2018


Mark Cuban, a cryptocurrency billionaire, said his basketball team Dallas Mavericks will accept Bitcoin next season. In the comments on Twitter after publishing the composition his team, who in June last year called Bitcoin a bubble, he announced that fans of the team will be able to buy tickets using Bitcoin in the second half of 2018.

Bitcoin Analysis for 16.01.2018


The rules for cryptocurrency trading in South Korea were announced on Sunday, January 14, after mainstream media misunderstandings about the proposed ban on trading in cryptocurrencies by the Justice Minister last week. Reports at the local news agency Yonhap speak of requirements from Korean traders to use real names for cryptocurrency accounts. Potential regulation notified earlier in January will come into force by the end of this month.


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