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Bitcoin Analysis for 22.06.2018


Schiphol - an international airport serving the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam - launches an ATM that will allow travellers to exchange euro for Bitcoin or Ethereum. The airport explains that the machine is located at the departure terminal, because it offers travellers the opportunity to convert the remaining euros into two popular cryptocurrencies just before leaving the country.

Bitcoin Analysis for 20.06.2018


The Bank for International Settlements in a 24-page article published yesterday as part of the annual economic report stated that cryptocurrencies are not scalable enough to function as money. According to BRM - an organization based in Switzerland consisting of 60 central banks from around the world - cryptocurrencies will not be able to become a medium of exchange in the global economy.

Bitcoin Analysis for 18.06.2018


The last six months on the cryptocurrency market is a time of disappointment among investors. However, there are few indications that Bitcoin and other currencies would have to "end". On the contrary - taking into account technological development, interest in the world of Blockchain and crypto projects and the fact that the market is very young, you can estimate that everything is ahead of us. Only by investing, you should take care not only of risk awareness but also patience ...

Bitcoin Analysis for 15.06.2018


In March it was announced that Bitcoin will be used in some hotels as a method of payment for the stay of guests who will come to Russia to support national teams at 12 different stadiums in Russia. It is certainly the largest sports event in 2018. Millions of people will come to Russia to watch the game. Hotels in Kaliningrad have announced the acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment for their services.


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