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Bitcoin Analysis for 10.01.2018


The Bank of Israel declared that cryptocurrencies are more assets than a currency. During a speech at the meeting of the Knesset Financial Committee, Nadine Baudot-Trajtenberg, the deputy chairman of the Bank of Israel said: "Bitcoin and similar virtual currencies are not a currency and are not considered as a foreign currency.

Bitcoin Analysis for 04.01.2018


Bitcoin developer, Dr. Pieter Wuille, claims that SegWit will optimize the problems that Bitcoin has. Over 65% of the entire block is covered only by electronic signatures. This fact can be changed by updating the Bitcoin software in such a way that the data related to the signatures are separated from the transaction data. The SegWit proposal assumes the omission of the signature from the relay (occupying almost 60% of the block space), shortening old signatures and solving the problem of modification of the signed transaction.

Bitcoin Analysis for 03.01.2018


The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, commissioned subordinate officials to create a national cryptocurrency - Cryptoruble. According to the Financial Times, it would be an effective way to bypass Western sanctions. Cryptoruble would be an equivalent to a traditional ruble and its circulation would be limited in such a way that officials could follow its individual movements. It is however not clear whether it would be issued by the Central Bank.


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