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Bitcoin Analysis for 02.01.2018


The Central Bank of Great Britain has been studying cryptocurrencies since 2015. As it turns out, not without a reason, because within a year it can release its currency modeled on Bitcoin. The goal is to reduce the role of commercial banks, ie: high-risk banks. Customers could be served directly by the Bank of England, the central bank.

Bitcoin Analysis for 29.12.2017


The South Korean government will announce that it will forbid domestic cryptocurrency exchanges to allow users to make transactions via anonymous accounts. As part of what appears to be a series of updates aimed at improving the supervision of industry practitioners, the government will also try to prohibit banks from issuing new virtual accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitcoin Analysis for 27.12.2017


The Bitcoin price has already gained almost 4,000 dollars since the last corrective drop. This movement has weakened the altcoins. Last week, when prices fell below $12,000, we went through a new round of accusations about the created bubble. Now, Bitcoin owners are - as Jameson Lopp said - "more bullish than ever". The engineer who has led various known investors in the world of crypto still expresses confidence in Bitcoin's future and neglects his current technical shortcomings. He said on Twitter: "I am more optimistic about Bitcoin than in the last 5 years. Events that have been published are just the tip of the iceberg."

Bitcoin Analysis for 22.12.2017


Singapore's Monetary Authority (MAS), in other words, the Central Bank of the country, has become the newest financial supervisor that warns of the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. Citing the recent speculative rise in prices, MAS has published a statement in which it recommends that the public be extremely cautious when investing in digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Analysis for 21.12.2017


The launch of the Bitcoin futures deal has focused the attention of major financial institutions on cryptocurrencies. While the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CMG) have been recognized as pioneers in the Bitcoin futures market, discussions on cryptocurrency are underway around the world.

Bitcoin analysis for 20.12.2017


Despite the fact that Bitcoin begins to hover above $18,000, financial institutions and regulators are still skeptical about the rapid growth in its value. The British head of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Andrew Bailey argues that Bitcoin is a speculative bubble, and new investors will lose the money invested in this cryptocurrency.


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