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Bitcoin Analysis for 29.01.2018


Chinese citizens continue to invest in Bitcoin and the crypto market, despite the government's intense attack. In September 2017, the Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges BTCC China, Huobi, and OKCoin were closed by the government. At some point, the management of these exchanges could not leave the country because of a government investigation into local cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Analysis for 25.01.2018


The ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) 2018 has so far produced negative opinions about Bitcoin because economists, including Joseph Stiglitz, are preparing to proclaim the superiority of fiat money. "We have a good exchange medium called Dollar. Why do people want Bitcoin?"- asked Joseph Stiglitz, who was joined by the President of the National Bank of Switzerland, Thomas Jordan, who in his speech also supported the difficult limitations in the use of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Analysis for 24.01.2018


The president of the Swiss UBS Bank, Axel Weber, announced today that he will not advise bank clients on investing in cryptocurrencies, although he distinguishes institutional and retail clients when discussing the topic. In an interview with CNBC at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Weber made a distinction between helping institutional clients to enter cryptographic markets, as opposed to helping retail customers: "There are institutional clients and if they want to invest in Bitcoin, that's okay, they are adults.

Bitcoin Analysis for 23.01.2018


Bitcoin is likely to cost over $ 50,000 in 2018, according to a mathematical study by Xoel Lopez Barat. A Spanish analyst and scientist have calculated that Bitcoin is expected to reach $ 55,530 by the end of this year. On the other hand, the probability that the largest cryptocurrency will be equal or less than at present is less than 10%.

Bitcoin Analysis for 22.01.2018


Bitcoin is under intense supervision on Bali - an island in the Indonesian archipelago. Central Bank officials are trying to solve the cryptocurrencies of the country. Causa Iman Karana, head of the Indonesian Bank's representation in Bali, said: "We have learned from some social media entries that Bali has become a haven for bitcoin transactions, and the next step will be to ban them in accordance with the law.

Bitcoin Analysis for 19.01.2018


Host of the Bitcoin Knowledge and well-known lawyer Trace Meyer suggested that Bitcoin could reach $115,000 in 2018 after the correction is completed. Meyer informed another analyst Tony Vays about suggestion, what to expect in the next eleven and a half months: "$115,000, despite the theoretical capability based on previous behavioral cycles, would be very overvalued" added Mayer.


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