Get the best Forex trading eBook. Learn how to make money on Forex.

Get the best Forex trading eBook. Learn how to make money on Forex.

This book was written by experienced traders for beginner traders, and contains all the necessary information to begin trading confidently and gain the knowledge needed in order to start a successful career as a Forex trader. The book consists of 10 chapters, which can be read and learned independently.

An overview of Forex trading will teach you:

  • How to make profitable trades based on the news.
  • How to profit from Forex trading.
  • How to compound your earnings with various trader tools.

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Chapter 1. What is a trader?

This introductory chapter sheds light on the nature of Forex traders. While it is not material-heavy, it is an important read for everyone who is looking to become a trader (whether full or part time). Read this chapter carefully because a good foundation is vital to success.

In this chapter you will learn:

  • Who is a Forex trader
  • What Forex traders do
  • Personal success story of George Soros

Chapter 2. What is Forex Trading?

This continuation of the books’ introduction delves deeper into the de-facto process of Forex trading: what is it, how it is done, what can be traded, and more. Here you can find information about the nature and logic that stand behind trading, and an overview of what to expect from Forex trading.

In this chapter you will learn:

  • What Forex trading really is
  • Overview of how the Forex market works
  • General information on how to begin trading

Chapter 3. What is the Forex market?

This chapter gives more information about the Forex market itself, and includes details about the origins of this form of trading, the increase in prevalence of Forex trading around the world, the advantages of Forex trading over other types of investment, and more. In addition, this section elaborates on the concept of leverage, which is central to the Forex market’s appeal to investors from all walks of life.

In this chapter you will learn:

  • More about the Forex market
  • Trends in Forex trading popularity
  • What turns Forex into an attractive investment

Chapter 4. Market features.

This chapter elaborates on what was taught in the previous one, and focuses on the difference between Forex and other types of trading. Here traders can read more about the advantage of the market’s global nature (and the advantages that it brings), accessibility, and more.

In this chapter you will learn:

  • Forex market nature
  • Advantages of Forex trading
  • Comparison with different financial markets

Chapter 5. Key market participants.

This chapter introduces the main players with which traders can expect to interact. There are seven main elements with which traders will come in contact (including banks, brokerages, hedge funds, currency exchanges, and more), and this chapter explains the nature of the relationship between the trader and these entities in greater detail.

In this chapter you will learn:

  • The relationship between you, the trader, and these elements
  • The relationship between you, the trader, and these elements
  • Different ways of working in the market

Chapter 6. Regulation of the market.

Regulatory compliance is incredibly important, as it is not only an element that guarantees due process and proper conduct, but it also indicates the reliability of the broker with which you wish to trade. In this chapter, readers receive additional explanation about the importance (and details) of Forex market regulatory agencies, as well as a list of trustworthy regulators.

In this chapter you can find:

  • Important information about regulation
  • Information about the important of exchange schedules
  • List of reliable regulatory agencies

Chapter 7. Working hours of the world’s top stock exchanges.

Since Forex traders are not limited to a single geographic location, it is important to know the working hours of the different markets that are available to them. This chapter gives the details of the different stock exchanges, their hours of operation, and their hours of peak volatility. Use the information in this chapter to plan and optimize your trading day so that you can benefit from the unlimited access to various markets.

In this chapter you can find:

  • General information about working with different markets
  • Advantages of access to exchanges from around the world.
  • Best hours to trade

Chapter 8. Basic Forex Terms.

This chapter exposes new traders to basic terms in the Forex trade, which are essential for understanding of this evolving industry and for success over time. From definition of basic terms (such as “currency”, “quote”, “leverage”, and more) to information about strategies such as “Margin Trading”, and more, this is arguably the most important chapter of the book.

In this chapter you can find:

  • Definitions of basic terminology
  • Examples of commonplace trading techniques
  • Information about using different platform functions (such as stop loss)

Chapter 9. Example of Forex profit.

In this chapter, readers can find tangible examples of the profits that can be made as Forex traders, including an example of the trade process from start to finish. Here traders can see how concepts from previous chapters are put into practice, further solidifying their understanding of Forex investment and trading.

In this chapter you can find:

  • Step-by-step example of a successful trade
  • Explanation how these concepts are put into practice
  • Examples of concepts from previous chapters that are put into practice

Chapter 10. What do you need for trading in the forex market?

Now that you have understood the ins-and-outs of the Forex market and trades, this page contains detailed information which explains exactly how to get started. From opening a trading account to useful trader tools (such as SMS-signals, Autochartist and more), this chapter is a step- by- step guide for beginners.

In this chapter you can find:

  • A detailed guide to get traders started
  • Tips and advice for beginners
  • List of additional tools to help you succeed

Download the best Forex eBook

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Get the best Forex trading eBook. Learn how to make money on Forex.