Hang Seng Index

Hang Seng Index Futures - super ultramodern and precision Hang Seng Index chart which is updated in realtime, and displays live Hang Seng price online, at which you can Trade, or Invest Hang Seng Futures Index online on the Stock Exchange!

Technical Analysis for Hang Seng Index Futures

Hang Seng Futures Index (HSI) - most significant stock index of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The author of the list is considered to be Hong Kong Index banker Stanley Swann. Calculation Hang Seng began November 24, 1969 by HSI Services Limited, which is, and now continues to analyze the information and drawing up the ranking. The maximum quotation of the Hang Seng Index was registered 24 January 2007 at the level of 20971.46 points. The Index Hang Seng includes the 34 largest public companies in Hong Kong from different areas, for example, Bank of China (Finance), China Resources Power (Energy), MTR Corporation (railways), China Mobile (Telecommunications). It covers about 65% of the total capitalization of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Therefore, it is considered an indicator of "blue chips" - the securities of the most reliable companies.

Classified shares Hang Seng of the global system, developed for the stock market in Hong Kong HSI Services Limited. It reflects the fluctuations of the shares in the different sectors and maintain international consistency in the display of classification in FTSE Global System, which is compiled and managed by FTSE International Limited.

Hang Seng Index has four sub-indices: financial, energy, industrial and real estate index. This Index Hang Seng Finance Sub (HSF), the index Hang Seng Utilities Sub (HSU), the index Hang Seng Properties Sub (HSP) and the Hang Seng Index Commerce & Industry Sub (HSC).

How Trade and Invest Hang Seng Futures Index

Traders and investors can trade in the Hang Seng Index by using various financial instruments, including exchange - exchange traded fund (ETF), contracts for difference CFD, options and futures. Futures contracts are among the most comfortable and liquid methods of implementation of the medium- and long-index strategies as well as speculative trading.

Investors can trade futures on the following Hang Seng Index:

  • The standard futures contracts on the Index Hang Seng (HSI), traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) under the ticker HSI. The cost of the futures contract is HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) 50 per Index point HSI. The minimum price change - 1 index point or HKD 50 per contract. Trading contract HSI done from 09:15 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:15 HKT (Hong Kong time).
  • Mini Futures on the Hang Seng Index (MHI) traded on the The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK) under the ticker symbol MHI. The contract is worth HKD 10 per index point, the minimum price change - one point or HKD 10 per contract. Commercial contracts time HSI and MHI matches.
Also Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) Futures on the Hang Seng Index traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. But it contracts traded on the HKEx, have the most significant trade. On average, traders buy and sell more than 90 000 standard derivatives on HSI per day or more 40 000 mini-HSI futures in the day. The popularity of Mini Futures on the Hang Seng Index due to a lower cost entry into a position that makes it possible to implement a trading strategy even with a small deposit.