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Technical Analysis Microsoft Stock

Microsoft Corporation - one of the largest multinational companies in the world, which develops software for different platforms, as well as the release of a variety of devices, in one way or another related to computer technology. One of the two leading manufacturers in the world of game consoles (Xbox). It is the most famous developer of operating systems (family of Windows).


Initial Public Offering of Microsoft Stock in the amount of 300,000 in 1986.


The market capitalization of Microsoft, as of early October 2012, equals 247.27 billion. Dollars. Compared to the record value of 618.9 billion. (1999) prices have dropped quite significantly. Not long ago, Microsoft has conceded the second place (after Apple) to Google. Currently the company is developing new markets - Tablet PCs (including gaming orientation).

Microsoft shares are traded on the stock exchange NASDAQ. Designation - NASDAQ: MSFT.

To date, the main shareholders are Microsoft Bill Gates (7.55%) and Steve Ballmer (4.66%). The rest of the securities are in free circulation and available for trading on the stock exchange NASDAQ. The gross dividend yield - 2.54%.

Traders and investors can earn on Stock Microsoft using modern stocks exchange instruments such as: Contracts for Difference (CFD), and Futures on shares of Microsoft.