NASDAQ Index Futures
Real-time index price updates for NASDAQ index price, technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

Technical Analysis for NASDAQ Index Futures

NASDAQ Indices

NASDAQ Indices Futures is the most popular tool among investors. Investing in NASDAQ trader invest in the most promising sectors of the US and world economy, including the Internet industry, software development and hardware solutions for the PC. Indices NASDAQ - a handy tool for traders and investors who want to work with shares of high-tech companies.

NASDAQ Indices expects to multiple indexes belonging to the family of NASDAQ. The most famous of these include:
  • NASDAQ Composite Indices - a consolidated stock market indicator, calculated on the basis of capitalization of all the companies whose shares are traded on the Stock Exchange.
  • NASDAQ Biotechnology Indices - an indicator calculated based on the capitalization of the pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
  • NASDAQ-100 - the indices, calculated on the basis of capitalization of the 100 largest companies whose shares are traded on NASDAQ.
  • Calculated on the NASDAQ sectoral indices including NASDAQ Telecommunications, NASDAQ Bank, NASDAQ Insurance, NASDAQ Computer and others.

How to trade futures on the NASDAQ Indices?

Futures indices of the NASDAQ traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). These is contracts: E-mini on Indices NASDAQ Composite, Emini on the NASDAQ-100, the standard contracts for the NASDAQ-100 and E-mini on the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index. NASDAQ Futures traded in the electronic trading system CME Globex. Trading time - from 17:00 to 16:15 the next day CDT. Monday through Friday. Technical break from 15:15 to 15:30 CDT.

E-mini NASDAQ-100 at (NQ). The value of these futures is $20 per item benchmark indices. The minimum price change - 0.25 index points or $5 per contract.Standard contract for the NASDAQ-100 (ND). It costs $100 for one item NASDAQ-100 Index. The minimum price change - 0.25 index points, or $25 per contract.Mini futures NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (BIO). The contract is worth $50 per index point. The minimum price change - 0.1 index points, or $5 per contract.

Traders use futures on the NASDAQ Indices for implementing speculative trading strategies based on technical analysis and hedging. Trading in futures on the NASDAQ is necessary to open an account with a brokerage company that provides access to trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the system CME Globex.