Trading plan Forex for 10.01.2019

Chinese data disappoints the global investors.
Trade was non-directional during the Asian session. USD generally remains weak under the influence of a mix of factors: change in Fed tone, government shutdown, technical break. The sentiment in Asia temporarily broke down the weaker data from China, but over time the stock exchanges have risen to end up again in the end.

Forecast and technical analysis EURUSD on January 09, 2019.


EURUSD: LB line providing support to the bulls

On Tuesday, trading on the EURUSD pair closed down. The pair’s decline was minimal as the bulls managed to partially recover their losses in the US session and bring the market into a sideways trend. The pair initially came under pressure after weak data from the Eurozone and Germany, in addition to a broadly stronger dollar after a rise in US bond yields.

Trading plan Forex for 09.01.2019


The stock market in Asia is green. Shanghai Composite is growing 0.8 percent today and Hang Seng is gaining 2 percent. In Japan, Nkkei225 gained 1.1 percent.The currency market shows clear signs of risk appetite. They gain the following currencies: NZD, CAD, NOK. Safe currencies do not perform well: USD, CHF and JPY.CAD and NOK find additional support in oil price increases. WTI and Brent gain more than 1 percent today as oil set the high at 50.63 USD, at the most until December 17.


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