FOREX EUR USD: 1.0567 Target. 24 Novembre 2015


Yesterday’s Trading:
The euro yesterday jumped from a minimum with the dollar from 1.0600 to 1.0656. The rate then fell from the 45th degree to 1.0592 and after trading closed in Europe, the rate renewed to 1.0643. It’s quite difficult to explain such behaviour since there was an unplanned US Fed meeting at 18:30 EET yesterday to discuss US interest rates. Moreover, the oil market was swinging after news came out of Saudi Arabia that the government there is ready to undertake the necessary measures in order to secure price stability on the oil market. The outcome of the US Fed meeting is still unclear.

FOREX GBP USD: Expected Further Fall. 24 Novembre 2015


After a fall to 1.5124, the pound/dollar renewed to 1.5189. From here the rate again weakened to 1.5108. News from the closed Fed meeting about discount rates still hasn’t come out. I’ll take a risk in saying that the GBPUSD will fall to the 90th degree at 1.5065 today (the support on the daily goes through 1.5054).


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