Trading plan Forex for 31.01.2019


Dovish surprises in the FOMC decision bring the weakness in USD and rally in the stock market. The dollar loses after the publication of the FOMC statement. The market is focused on three new elements: the Fed has removed the mention of gradual interest rate increases. In its place appeared a fragment with a patient approach to further changes in the level of rates (this departs the specter of the hike in March).

Technical analysis for Gold for January 30, 2019


Gold price has reached my $1,315 target and we could see a small move higher towards $1,320 as well. However this is not the time to be greedy. Bulls should either take their profits or protect them with tight stops. Price has reached the upper channel boundary. Although we could see a throw off top, there are more chances of seeing a top than a continued upward move.


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