Forecast EURUSD: Chinese Markets Stabilizing – Euro/Dollar Down. 08 January 2016.


Yesterday’s Trading:
Thursday’s close had the euro up against the USD to 1.0939. Support for the euro came from European stats and a crash of stock market indices. Let me remind you that the Chinese stock market on Thursday had trading closed within half an hour of it opening due to the Shanghai Composite falling by more than 7% (fall of 7.04%), thus triggering the circuit breaker rule and market closure. Other indices across the world followed the Chinese, with the Dow Jones down 2.32% to 16,514 and the S&P down by 2.09% to 1,949 points.

Forecast and technical analysis of Gold futures on January 7, 2016


The price of gold continues to move upwards, as signaled by the purple bars Heiken Ashi indicator. Senior Channel directed downward, indicating that the downward direction of movement of the global trend. Junior channel turned up, which means the upward direction and in the medium term. At the moment the price is above the moving average and higher than Murray's "6/8" indicates that the upstream traffic in the near future.


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