FOREX EUR USD: Euro Still Under Pressure. 18 Novembre 2015.


Yesterday’s Trading:

On Tuesday the US dollar was up against the euro. The currency’s strengthening slowed after weak US industrial manufacturing data came out. As soon as everything calmed down on the market, the euro again started to fall. The market stopped 30 points short of the 1.0600 level where we want it to be. This means that we should see a test of it today.

Short-term Trading Idea FX GBP/CAD – Bull Speculation: Expected Break in 2.032 Resistance


Trading opportunities for currency pair: due to oil prices falling, we should consider a break in the resistance after a bounce to 2.020. If the buyers pass 2.0335 on Monday, keep 2.0500 in your sights. The idea will be valid for just one week and will become invalid at any point if the four-hour candle closes below 2.0150.


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