FOREX EUR USD: Euro/Dollar: 50/50 Situation. 25 Novembre 2015


Yesterday’s Trading:

On Tuesday, euro/dollar trading closed slightly up. Support for the rate came from euro crosses. The dollar also weakened against the Japanese yen and Swiss franc. They became safe haven assets as geopolitical tensions were ratcheted up; yesterday the Turks shot down a Russian plane. Oil and gold is up and the euro has a positive correlation with these commodities.

FOREX GBP USD: Pound/Dollar: Expected Rebound from Daily Support. 25 November 2015.


Carney and Haldane aided the pound to pass exactly as I forecasted. My euro expectations didn’t come off, since the euro pound cross rose due to active pound sales. The Bank of England’s Mark Carney announced that the interest rate for the country will remain low for some time. The Bank’s economist Haldane announced that the risk balance for the UK economy and inflation is skewed downwards.


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