FOREX GBP USD: Pound Could Leave Equilibria at 13:00 EET 19.10.2015


Monday’s euro/pound cross is lending support to the UK pound, so instead of falling, the rate has headed north to 1.5496. The price is now by the LB. I don’t have a forecast for today because the BoE’s Mark Carney is set to mix things up. His speech is due to be given at 13:00 EET. If he mentions monetary policy, the pound will swing.

Short-term Trading Idea FX EUR/USD – Bear Speculation: Bear Takeover


Trading opportunities for currency pair: ECB representative Ewald Nowotny pushed the eurobulls into closing long positions. It’s highly likely that before the ECB’s Thursday meeting, we’ll see the downward movement on the euro resuming. I’ve picked out two price levels: 1.1250 and 1.1086 (by middle of November), with 1.0290 over the medium term.

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Trading opportunities for currency pair: the euro is under pressure since market participants expect the ECB to extend its QE program. Due to these expectations and the stable oil price around 50 USD, expect the euro to fall to 1.4490 and below. A close of the weekly candle above 1.4930 will stop any fall.

FOREX GBP USD: Expected Consolidation in Wide Range. 16.10.2015


Due to the euro, the pound had a volatile day. The pound received support from the euro/pound cross throughout the day when the ECB’s Ewald Nowotny spoke. The pound fell after the US stats came out in the evening. By renewing the minimum, the price returned back to 1.55. The pound stabilized at 1.5470. With such a movement pattern, we could see either a fall or a rise. I’ve gone for a fall to 1.5420 to 1.5470. The daily trend line hasn’t been broken.

FOREX EUR USD: Bull Takeover on Daily. 16.10.2015


Yesterday’s Trading:
The euro/dollar’s 5-day growth has ground to a halt. Trading in Europe saw the euro down due to the ECB’s Ewald Nowotny sticking his oar in and then the US stats came out in the evening which added to the fall. Nowotny suggested that the ECB should adopt additional measures to aid inflation growth. The US’ CPI for September was down slightly on August, but it remained unchanged when expressed annually. The labor market data turned out better than expected.


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