Bitcoin Analysis for 20.06.2018


The Bank for International Settlements in a 24-page article published yesterday as part of the annual economic report stated that cryptocurrencies are not scalable enough to function as money. According to BRM - an organization based in Switzerland consisting of 60 central banks from around the world - cryptocurrencies will not be able to become a medium of exchange in the global economy.

Forecast and technical analysis EURUSD on June 19, 2018.


EURUSD: the euro’s situation is ambiguous

Since the euro’s collapse on Thursday during Mario Draghi’s press conference, the daily candlesticks have closed up two days in a row. At the beginning of yesterday’s European session, the euro slid to 1.1565. It then recovered to 1.1620 in the US session, and climbed higher to reach 1.1645 in today’s (Tuesday’s) Asian session. The market’s fluctuations yesterday occurred against the backdrop of an escalation in the trade dispute taking place between the US and China.

Trading plan Forex EURUSD for 18.06.2018


There is nervousness on the financial markets fueled by fears of trade wars recalled on Friday by Trump's admiration for China. Panic is not visible, but the stock market is red. The currency market remains stable without major movements: EUR / USD keeps on close to 1.16. The yen remains stable despite the earthquake that hit the western part of Japan, including Osaka, the second largest urban area in the country. Changes from the beginning of the week on major pairs with USD do not exceed 0.25%. The crude market is warming up before the OPEC summit.


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