Trading plan Forex EURUSD for 15.06.2018


USD keeps rallying as a reaction to the hawkish Fed and solid data from the US economy. The currency market yesterday saw massive moves with serious consequences for EUR and USD. The contrast between the Fed's hawkish attitude and the surprisingly dovish position of the ECB gave the impulse to abandon the EUR, and the EUR / USD diverted the market to the appreciation of USD, which did not fully start right after the FOMC decision on Wednesday. In addition, fantastic US retail sales data confirm the optimism of the Federal Reserve.

Bitcoin Analysis for 15.06.2018


In March it was announced that Bitcoin will be used in some hotels as a method of payment for the stay of guests who will come to Russia to support national teams at 12 different stadiums in Russia. It is certainly the largest sports event in 2018. Millions of people will come to Russia to watch the game. Hotels in Kaliningrad have announced the acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment for their services.

Trading plan Forex EURUSD for 14.06.2018


Despite the hawkish Fed, the USD was unable to achieve a lasting strengthening, disappointed with the failure to return 10-year margins of over 3.0%. Moving attention to the ECB meeting helps to draw EUR/USD above 1.18. Weak elements of the Australian labor market report and disappointment in Chinese data bring pressure on AUD. Weak data from China push the equity market down in Asia. Japanese Nikkei 225 loses 0.7%, and the Chinese Shanghai Composite drops by 0.5%.

Trading plan Forex EURUSD for 13.06.2018


The financial markets remain calm today as global investors await the end of the FOMC meeting. The market maintains the strength of USD after yesterday's revelations, that the Fed is considering introducing the conference at each meeting, thus granting each other greater freedom in deciding on increases. Overnight the EUR / USD stabilized at 1.1750 and USD / JPY reached 110.60. In addition to JPY, changes in the major pairs group do not go above 0.15%.


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