Shanghai Composite Index

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Technical Analysis Shanghai Composite Index Futures

Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index - the main chinese stock index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Its calculation is carried out from December 1990, the base value - 100 points. Calculate the price of the daily value of shares traded in the quotation lists A and B of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Shanghai Stock Index important statistical index of the state of China's stock market, which is often traded both Chinese and foreign investors. Companies whose shares are included in the index are Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Life Insurance, Shanghai International Airport and other major by market capitalization of Chinese corporations.

Shares included in the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index traded on the stock exchange, are of two types: A and B. A-shares are traded over the yuan. B-shares have been created in the mid-90s, and only for non-residents denominated in US dollars.

How Trade Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index

Trade Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index you can with the help of financial instruments traded: Exchange Traded Fund ETF, Contract For Difference CFD, Index Option and Futures on Index. Futures - the most convenient tool of the trade Shanghai Stock Index. Futures contracts - one of the most useful tools of trading and investing in indexes. Using them, the trader buys or sells all the assets used to calculate the selected indicator, per transaction.

CFD (Contracts for Difference) on the Shanghai Stock Index allow you to trade stock indices at current prices in real time. Maximum profitability with minimum deposits. CFD on Shanghai Stock Index repeated movement of the underlying asset. Trading with CFD Shanghai Stock Index allow you to extract maximum benefit from market movements without buying individual stocks.