Silver Prices

Silver Prices - super ultramodern and precision silver prices charts which is updated in real-time, and displays real silver prices and rate online, at which can buy, or sell Silver on the Exchange!

How Invest in Silver?

According to information provided by the CME Group, the average daily number of contracts for Silver in 2012 was 57,000, which is equivalent to 285 million. ounce. Think about that number! According to research by Silver Institute, the volume of production of the precious metal in 2012 it stood at 787 million. ounce. That is three trading days on the COMEX sold the entire volume of silver production in the world! Silver prices are highly volatile on the Stock Exchange, fluctuation is 12-13 US dollars per month.

Investing in Silver, the trader buys an ounce of silver for the US dollar. One lot contains 5,000 troy ounces (one ounce - 31.305 g). Investing in silver broker give you a margin leverage from 1: 100 to 1: 500. For example, if the value of the lot of 140,000 Silver Dollars you pay $ 1,400 US at 1:100 leverage, and only 280 US dollars with the leverage of 1: 500. If an investor buys 1 lot of Silver with leverage of 1: 500, and there will be growth of quotations of silver by 0.2% - it will bring a huge profit to the investor.

In the silver market is influenced by large investors (as opposed to the gold market, which is controlled most of the government agencies). When forecasting future quotations silver futures can use the methods of technical and fundamental analysis. Basic research is usually used to assess the medium and long term prospects for the precious metal.