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Short-term trading idea FX EURAUD – bull speculation: expecting a breakout of the 1-1 channel


Trading opportunities on the currency pair: The euro has been provided with support by Draghi’s and Yellen’s speeches. In this idea, we’re looking at a breakout of the 1-1 channel at 1.5070 with subsequent growth to 1.5250. It’s worth betting on a rise should the price get a foothold above 1.5070. If the price exits the 3-3 channel downwards and trader sentiment switches from bullish to bearish, this scenario will not play out.

Short-term trading idea FX NXDCAD – bear speculation: drop to the TR trend line


Trading opportunities on the currency pair: On the back of a revision of New Zealand’s GDP forecast, the upcoming parliamentary elections (23rd of September), and a rise in oil quotes, the Kiwi dollar is expected to fall against its Canadian counterpart to 0.8893, or as far as 0.8645 if we see some aggressive selling.

Short-term trading idea FX USDJPY - bull speculation: possible rebound from the lower boundary of the C-C channel


Trading opportunities on the currency pair: Despite the rise in geopolitical tensions between the US and North Korea, some technical bullish signals are being seen on the US dollar. The lower boundary of the C-C channel and the 50% level have formed a strong support zone between 108.13 and 108.73.

Short-term trading idea FX EUR/USD – bear speculation: rebound from the upper boundary of the A-A channel


Trading opportunities for the currency pair: The price is trading around the upper boundaries of the A-A and C-C channels. On the monthly timeframe, there’s a risk of falling to 1.25, but the euro is expected to strengthen significantly from September onwards. In connection with this, the range from 1.1475 to 1.1595 will be used for selling euros, with targets of 1.12 and 1.0925. If, from September, the price continues to trade above 1.1290, it would be wise to close all short positions. In such a case, buyers will push the price to 1.25 to the upper boundary of the D-D channel. If we get a breakout of the C-C channel in July, it’s worth changing our target from 1.25 to 1.27.


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