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New investment ideas with high potential profitability on the launching of Donald Trump's large-scale investment programs!


Learn how to earn more from promising new prospects: the launching of Donald Trump's large-scale investment programs, active international expansion of global retail networks and pharmaceutical companies, and growth in the profitability of specially selected automakers. Specialists from Alpari's Investment department would like to draw your attention to the following assets:

Short-term trading idea FX GBP/CAD - a lowering game: breaking through trend line of correctional movement


Trading opportunities for currency pair: After the IEA report was published on Friday, Brent oil grew by 1.63%. As the quote per barrel surpasses 57.50 USD, Brent will open will a target of 61.25 USD. As oil recovers further still, the GBP/CAD cross will resume its downward movement. Last week, the trend line of upwards movement from a minimum of 1.5736 was broken through. After a short correction breaking 1.62, the rate will continue to fall.

Short-term trading idea FX GBP/JPY bull speculation: forecasts predicting a V-model


Trading opportunities for currency pair: Buyers were unable to break the TR2 trend line. Judging by the AO and AC (Bill Williams) indicators, there is a consensus that the rate will form a triangular pattern, coming out only in March. In such a case, the rate should fall to 132.27 JPY by 03/04/17. If the first half of this prognosis comes true, then from 132.27 JPY, the GBP rate should restore to around 144.6 JPY.

Short-term Trading Idea: FX USD/CAD – Bull Speculation: Expected Growth to 1.3288 – 1.3397 Zone


Trading opportunities for currency pair: After the UK referendum, the USDCAD tested the solidity of the trend line. The target zone is 1.3288 – 1.3397. The upper line of channel one passes through it. We just need to wait for the price to strengthen above channel 2 and the trend line. Growth to cancel with a close of the day’s candle below 1.2654. Putting a stop above here would be useless.

Short-term Trading Idea FX NZD/CAD – Bull Speculation: Double Bottom


Trading opportunities for currency pair: negotiations in Doha have collapsed. From trade opening on Monday, oil has fallen to $41 per barrel, the NZD is up to 0.8945 against its Canadian counterpart. A double bottom and bull divergence has formed on the daily graph, as has happened on 23rd March earlier this year. Based on these two signals, a strengthening of the NZD to 0.9056 and then to 0.9162 is expected.

Short-term Trading Idea FX USD/NOK – Bull Specualtion: Bounce from Trend Line


Trading opportunities for currency pair: in this idea I consider the technical signals – a bounce from the trend line. The USD/NOK has bounced from the line which goes from 6.1720 (22/08/14) and 7.2885 (15/05/15). The body of Friday’s candle fully covered that of Thursday. A similar situation was seen on 18/09/15. This is a bull signal (as on 18/09/15) so we need to keep an eye on the price of oil on Monday.

Short-term Trading Idea FX GBP/CAD – Bull Speculation: Break from Support with Two Pinbars


Trading opportunities for currency pair: the price has broken from the support. We have two pinbars and a double bottom. On Monday it’s better not to make any big deals and keep an eye on the price of oil. If the GBP/CAD doesn’t fall, we could see two price zones as a target: 2.0325 and 2.0550. If the price of Brent restores above $35, it will be worth staving off pound purchases.


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