FOREX GBP USD: Expected Update of Friday’s Minimum. 27.10.2015


After a fall to 1.5305, the pound/dollar rebounded to the LB. My yesterday’s expectations rang true. At 12:30 EET, preliminary UK GDP data for Q3 will come out. It’s expected to be down QoQ and unchanged YoY. After yesterday’s correction, the pound is readying itself for a fall. My money is on GDP coming out worse than expected and the GBP/USD falling below 1.53.

Short-term Trading Idea FX USD/SEK – Bull Speculation: Expected Forming of W-shape Pattern


Trading opportunities for currency pair: the USD/SEK has broken away from the support. A double top didn’t quite form. I’ll risk saying that we’ll see a W form with an 8.8359 target. This idea for growth will become invalid if we see a close of the weekly candle below 8.5544.

FOREX GBP USD: Expected Movement in Sideways Channel. 21.10.2015


In the review on the European session I expected a fall of the GBP/USD to 1.5325. It fell to 1.5434 and only today reached 1.5326. A sideways channel has formed. Taking into account that the ECB is to convene tomorrow and Mark Carney will speak today, I’ve gone for a fall of the pound to the lower limit of the channel at 1.5414 and then a return to 1.5475. Be prepared for the GBPUSD going lower than 1.5414.


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