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Bollinger Bands - Forex Indicator


Bollinger bands - forex indicator was designed by John Bollinger, founder and president of the Bollinger Capital Management, Inc. specializing in investments and funds management services rendered to individuals and corporations.

J. Bollinger gained a global popularity because of so called "Bollinger Bands" gained a mass recognition and used in most part of modern analytical computer applications.

Over a long time, John Bollinger had been working as a chief analyst of the big cable channel Financial News Network (FNN) publishing financial news.

Forex MACD Indicator


MACD (moving average convergence/divergence) is a well-know technical indicator based on relation of two moving averages (MA) of price. This indicator is related to both trend indicators and oscillators. Notwithstanding it was first reported by Gerald Appel as early as in the end on 1970-s, this indicator is still popular today. Let's figure out why it gained popularity among traders, which useful information it provides and what are its pros and cons.

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